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上学校 体育运动

Our 上学校 athletes compete in 23 sports throughout the year. Keep up with all the action right here. 好讽刺人的人……. 隆隆作响!

A championship winning program

Seven Hills 上学校 athletics stands on a foundation of skill, 强度, 心, and sportsmanship. Our student athletes hone their game and strive to take their hard work onto the courts, 字段, 跟踪, and into the pool lanes. They aim high and welcome the challenges to push themselves forward, find their strides, and hit their marks in a competitive, all-participation environment. And they come together to fight for every second of the game, no matteR分数. They are willing to put their teammates before themselves, and they serve as stellar representatives of their team, 他们班, and their school as they exhibit excellent sportsmanship, ethical behavior, 和完整性. Seven Hills athletes maintain positivity. They thrive in an atmosphere of competition, and they show and gain respect for their opponents. At Seven Hills, our hard-working Stinger athletes possess the will to win, they play with purpose, and they earn their mettle. Every step of the way.